Computer Lab

The central computer facility is supplemented with a campus wide local area network. The inter- building cable segments have been laid under ground through out the campus. The campus computer network is connected to the Internet through a high speed VSAT dish with broadband. The students have their own Internet accounts and can access information at their convenience. To make computer and computerization an integral aspect of learning. Information search, analysis, testing and investigation are the essence of Pharmaceutical Education. Computer centre at the institute is fully equipped with Pentium-4 configuration and all modern software to keep the students abreast with the fast changing needs of the Pharmaceutical industries. During College hours internet accessibility is provided to the students and lab is open up to 5:00 p.m. so that the students can access all the information required to keep them fully abreast with the latest researches taking place anywhere and everywhere across the globe.


The College has well stocked library. The library has open access system so that the students can browse the books freely. The library also subscribe to various national and international journals along with many daily newspapers, weeklies and magazines. New books and journals depending upon the requirement are being added from time to time to the library. Library also has a Xerox machine and Xeroxing facility is provided to the students.


Institute also provides pick and drop-up bus service to the students and staff from nearby stations.


A reception centre is established at the entry of the institute to facilitate and counseling of the students, staff, faculty and outcomers like parents, suppliers for any information regarding the college, academics and higher authorities.


We understand very well how important it is to garner the right physical attributes in the students along with their intellectual possessions. To groom the students so that they can excel in life, the institution provides facilities for those interested in playing outdoor games like cricket, Kabaddi, basketball, badminton and volleyball (to name a few). The outdoor games are complimented by an array of indoor games such as carom, chess, table tennis, etc. All such activities are encouraged keeping the over-all growth of the student in mind.


There is a canteen in the campus, where healthy & wholesome hygienic stuffs are served at reasonable rates.